Monday, November 9, 2009

Ride to The Knife Nov. 8th 2009

It all started very early at around 7:30am on a windy Sunday morning. We gathered at Velo's Cyclery's parking area to start a nice long ride down south to one of my favorite restaurants, "The Knife Argentinian Restaurant." I was expecting more people for the ride but since it was so windy, not many people showed up. What really mattered wasn't quantity but rather QUALITY, and man did we have a good group of riders.
It was a very windy day and I was planning on doing the ride but then I got worried and like always the riders safety comes first, so I decided to take the van just in case someone didn't make it all the way to The Knife and I didn't want that to happen. I really wanted everyone to make it all the way and the more we are at the restaurant the more fun we were going to have.
The group takes off at around 7:50am down to Woolbright and then to A1A. That little stretch to A1A was maybe where reality kicked in. A full head wind of 20 to 30 mph along A1A with a bridge on the way. The look on people's faces was priceless. The fact that I was there with the van gave the riders a sense of security, plus confidence to keep pedaling and just make it all the way.

Jerry, Tony and Ileana were coming from Southern Blvd. on A1A to meet up with the group, but since the wind was strong we decided not to go north and make more miles but just keep everyone together to make the ride easier. I went in the van and picked them up in the van. It was 20 miles later and then we caught up with the group. Once we got the group, Jerry, Tony and Ileana got on their bikes and pedaled all the way. They couldn't be more happier to get on their bikes and ride.
On the way south we encountered 2 cyclist on a red light, Velo's group stopped and obeyed all traffic laws but the two cyclist ran the red light when one of our cyclist yelled "don't run the red light" at the same moment I started to honk my horn in the van and no response from the cyclist, they keep pedaling like nothing happen. I have to say we are a very good group and I'm very proud of Velo's group.
After everything was said and done, everyone had a good ride. The most important thing was to build up an appetite for the steak that was cooking while we where pedaling. Here are some pictures of the ride. Enjoy

Once we arrived everyone was ready for a good meal, and man did we eat. Everyone ordered a bottle of red wine(and some just went for some sangria) and did we get happy and loud. At one moment i thought "they are going to kick us out". We had a very good time.

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Anonymous said...

Juan...awesome blog!! we had a wonderful time, the ride, the wind everything was all worth it...Thanks again for another great Velo's ride...!!!