Friday, July 8, 2011

"Bicycling" a Life Style

It's very easy to say "I can go without a car for a month." When the moment comes, it's easier to pick up the car key's and drive.

Oscar went in head-first. He turned in his lease and didn't look back. I thought he was going to buy the first cheap car on the market... Three months later he still pedals everywhere he goes!

What are the benefits of commuting? Saving MONEY! Gas, oil change, car insurance, car wash....

The benefits are more than just that. Ask Oscar what the benefits are for him, and the answer is: "I Ride FASTER."

What better way to train than to have to get places on time. Maybe it's too much to go cold turkey, but you can still do a small part by going to work one or two days a week on your bike.

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anon said...

Well I did go cold turkey, for a whole year! I will admit, I don't see how a person with children could manage something like this. I however do not have children and live close to work. At first everything was a little weird getting up earlier than usual and having to pack a bag and all the other things that go with riding to wor After a while, however, it all became second nature. It forced me to be a little more mindful of what and when I ate. At the end of it all I lost 24 lbs. and developed a strength in my legs like never before. Although I have a vehicle now I try to ride twice a week to work. I manage to ride Saturday's and Sunday's and if work permits the Monday ride from Lake Worth. If possible I recommend you give it a shot you might be surprised at what you might accomplish!!